• 2 year warranty
  • and colour fastness guarantee
  • Machine washable
  • up to 30°C
  • Over 30 colours
  • to choose from
  • Secure purchase
  • Design now, pay later
  • Free shipping
  • to mainland UK

Sample Designs

How to create your personal doormat:

    1. Select the size of your mat by moving your mouse cursor over the button "dimensions" and choosing one of the sizes. If you want to change the orientation (portrait/landscape) use the "rotate mat" button located on the left side of the page.
    2. Move your mouse cursor over the "background" button to choose your background colour and pattern.  
    3. You can add text to the mat by using the text menu and typing your desired text in the box provided. You can also change the font and the justification (left/right/centre). After clicking "OK" the text box will appear on your mat. You can use the four options surrounding the text to change its appearance. Click the top left icon to rotate the text. Use the bottom left icon to change the colour of the text and the bottom right icon to change its size. If you want to delete your text box, use the cross in the top right corner. You can change the position of the text on the mat by clicking on the text box and dragging it.
    4. You can use the "icons" menu to add a picture to the mat from the selection provided. Click on the "signs and symbols" menu to pick a category and then scroll through the available images. Click on a picture to add it to your mat and then change its appearance using the icons surrounding the picture.
    5. To make it truly personal, why not add your own image or photo to the doormat. Use the "upload image" button to select the desired image from the files on your computer. Please note that you can only use images in the following file formats: JPG, PNG or GIF. Depending on the size of the mat, the file size should be between 500 KB and 1 MB to ensure good quality. The larger the mat, the larger the image file will need to be. Once you have selected an image file, it will appear in on your mat and you can move, rotate, resize and delete it using the icons surrounding the image. Further options are also available to the right hand side of the mat. Dithering the image will pixelate it and using gray-scale will turn it black and white.

    Additional design options:

    The buttons on the right hand side of the page enable you to align pictures and text vertically and horizontally and change the layering if you have overlapping items on the mat.

    When you are satisfied with your door mat, click the "Preview" button. After checking the preview, you can go back and continue editing or add your mat to the cart and proceed to checkout where you can then make your purchase or continue shopping.

    Important note: each side of the mat may be trimmed by around 2cm during the manufacturing process. Please therefore remember to leave a border around the edge of your design to ensure that nothing will be cut off.